Personalized Pet Baseball Card Vintage Style On 5x7 Acrylic Plaque


Over the years, we've seen so many good doggos & kitties wearing their favorite team's gear. Now we customize your pet in a vintage sports card style using his/her details & photos to create a fun & memorable display on a 5"x7" acrylic plaque, which sits on black plastic stands to proudly show off on a desk, tabletop or shelf.  The unique way it's printed on the back of a 1/8" thick acrylic panel, gives it that familiar look of a collectible trading card in a clear protective display holder. With this style, you see the "front" & "back" of the card in full view! 

Fill out your pet's info below and upon receipt of your order we'll send you an email for you to confirm details and send info on submitting the two photos. This item will normally ship out in approximately 5 business days after receiving your email confirmation.

Be sure to enter all info as it's to be printed, correct spellings etc. Characters vary in limit for each detail, so for "Pet's Name" for example it would likely have to pet's first name or nickname only. For position, enter things like First Base/Catcher, or have some fun like we did and enter Shortpup. Cutest & funny card creations may be shown for all to see on our sites, social media etc.! Personalized items can't be returned.

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