Jackpup Pet Dog Harness Premium Vegas Casino Vest

$19.49 - $24.49

"Jackpup" pet vest harness - select size. This great-looking harness is made of a stylish, high-quality soft polyester featuring a cute, lucky Vegas casino design. Comfortable and lightweight, it has a breathable mesh lining. Easy on-off with adjustable nylon and snap-in buckle, and nickel-plated d-ring for secure lead attachment. This offers the ability and control to safely walk your pet with the comfortable no-choke design. Rubber brand patch on front. Machine washable. Approximate sizing shown (a size medium or large for example doesn't necessarily mean for a "medium" or "large" dog). NECK - measure neck around. GIRTH - the chest at widest point, which is usually behind the front legs. Comfort levels may vary with each individual dog. 

  •  XS - Neck 8.5"; Girth 10"-12.5" (for many, not all, puppies & toy breeds)
  •  Small - Neck 10"; Girth 13"-18" (for many, not all, puppies & Chihuahuas/Yorkies…)
  •  Medium - Neck 12.5"; Girth 15"-21.5" (for many, not all, Shih Tzus/Jack Russells…)
  •  Large - Neck 15.5"; Girth 19"-28" (for many, not all, Frenchies/Pugs/Boston Terriers...)
  •  XL - Neck 17"; Girth 22"-31.5" (for many, not all, Cocker Spaniels/Fox Terriers...)
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