Mosman Puffer Dog Cat Jacket Premium Corduroy Vest Warm Lined Red

$36.95 - $41.95

"Mosman" puffer vest in red - select size. This gorgeous puffer is made with a premium cotton/viscose corduroy fabric. It will keep your pup (or kitty) nice & toasty with its lightweight yet warm filling & lining. It has quality touches with a convenient zippered harness hole, elastic bottom/arms & embroidered brand patch on back. Easy on/off with velcro closure. 100% polyester lining. Approximate sizing below:

  • SIZE 1: Neck 9.5"-10"; Length 10"-11.5"; Girth 15" (for many, not all, puppies & toy breeds/Chihuahuas...)
  • SIZE 2: Neck 11"-11.5"; Length 11.5"-13"; Girth 17.5" (for many, not all, Chihuahuas/Shih Tzus…)
  • SIZE 3: Neck 13"-13.5"; Length 13.5"-15"; Girth 20" (for many, not all, Pugs/Westies...)
  • SIZE 4: Neck 14.5"-15"; Length 15.5"-16"; Girth 23.5" (for many, not all, Frenchies/Corgis...) 
  • SIZE 5: Neck 16.5"-17"; Length 17.5"-18"; Girth 26" (for many, not all, Cocker Spaniels/Beagles/Bulldogs...)

NECK - measure neck around. LENGTH - base of neck to base of tail. GIRTH - the chest at widest point, which is usually behind the front legs. Comfort levels may vary with each individual dog.


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