Color Changing Clouds Dog Cat Raincoat Premium Wet Reveal Torrential Tracker

$37.95 - $54.95

"Wet Reveal - Torrential Tracker" pet raincoat - select size. This awesome light-to-medium-weight jacket features a playful sun/cloud/rainbow all over print, and CLOUDS CHANGE COLOR WHEN WET! Great touches with velcro belly closure for easy on/off and hood snaps back(cute duckbill stitched brim); reflective trim for visibility and nighttime; reinforced leash slit; functional treat pockets; and rubber brand patch. Thoughtfully made with a premium quality that you'd find with human apparel. Made of a water-resistant polyester shell and super soft, ribbed poly/cotton lining - hand wash. LENGTH - base of neck to base of tail. GIRTH - Measure largest part of chest around, behind their front legs. Approximate sizing. Comfort levels may vary with each individual dog.

  • 10" length: for most 5-8 pounds; up to 17.5" girth
  • 14" length: for most 12-17 pounds; up to 22" girth
  • 16" length: for most 17-25 pounds; up to 23" girth
  • 18" length: for most 25-33 pounds; up to 25" girth
  • 22" length: for most 40-47 pounds; up to 29" girth


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